Chitika Sucks again

January 2, 2006

Just when the days started getting longer and we’d thought we might have seen the worst of winter, Chitika Sucks again.

Jenstar has writen that

Chitika delays audit and payments by two weeks

Just when you thought that things were bad last month, now you’ve got to wait for November payments until the middle of January at least, although probably Spring given how reliable the folks at Chitika are. Not long to go now and I wont have to wait to see if I’ve earned anything now that I’m not using them at all.


Chitika responds, sort of…..

December 3, 2005

Chitika has responded to the audit fiasco by saying it was everyone else’s fault in this post. 

Great transparency there. What they still haven’t gotten is that if we all realised that the returns would be THIS BAD we wouldn’t have run the program in the first place. ITS CALLED FRAUD. They suckered us all in with promises of high returns then totally failed to deliver.

The big referral question

December 2, 2005

Here’s a really good question for Chitika: why is it that everyone has had a MASSIVE cut in referral revenue but no one is reporting a massive cut in their own revenue?????

My suggested answer: because Chitika doesn’t want to pay on referrals. Find me ANYONE who is reporting 60-90% on their base figures??? you cant.

The perfect Chitika gift!

December 2, 2005


December 2, 2005

DBlock on SitePoint:

HOLLY!!! FSKNDFJNw38u4h793h42bH@G#!!

I haven’t been ripped off this bad since that one time when I bought a Dreamcast.

Wow, I got 70%~ cut, I thought earned close to 549$ last month, ending giving me like 80$. Chitika SUCKS!

Chitika is a damn SCAM!! What a waste of advertisement time…I have been screwed again!

Chitika HQ

December 2, 2005

So where is Chitika run from? With millions of dollars going through the company you’d think they would have a nice corporate HQ, but they dont. Follow this link to Google Maps

This is 4 Bummet Brook Circle Shrewsbury, MA 01545, Chitika HQ. Starting to worry? 🙂

Chitika publishers see drastically reduced earnings in audited reports

December 2, 2005

Gotta love Jen, she’s sooooo diplomatic with her headlines, and yet she links to some great forums where people are exposing Chitika for the scam it appears to be: Digital Point and SitePoint. How much has Chitika stolen from you?

Welcome to Chitika Sucks

December 2, 2005

Chitika Sucks, we all know it, so the Chitika Sucks blog is going to keep an eye on the blogosphere’s Number One scam advertising company. Send your tips, links and horror stories to